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Yooo this was a great jam entry! Very tight platforming and excellent pixel art and colour palette (also I got the "bad ending" first time around from getting a question wrong because I'm A) a dumbass and B) haven't read the actual book lol)

Oh and you had me at "Run novel adaptation" haha

Thank you for your continued support. Donating really helps me make content. (puppy dog eyes) (guilt guilt)



For the next week I'll just be doing bug fixes, but I plan on adding an extra platforming section after that!

(1 edit)

I also can't get past screen 1. (edit: just realized I can hit jump repeatedly to jump higher) Like the graphics, but the up-key scrolls the page up, you may want to add e.preventDefault(); to your keys event handler.


I recommend Fullscreen to avoid the up scrolling. You have a double jump, and that's how you're supposed to get around.


Now added extra info to inform the player of the double jump in game.

It looks cool but I can't get past the very first screen :'(

You have a double jump, and that's how you're supposed to get around. I updated the game to make it more clear. THX for the feedback!


Good game. Will you continue working on the game?


Probably! THX for featuring on your channel!

Great Game! However, I suggest you provide a content warning that there is domestic abuse in the game.


Yeah! I'll add that into the description.

Thank you!

please also submit to the…Oh, never mind, you also submitted to the Gaming Like It's 1925 Jam! Never mind!